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Coding for fun - AT&T signal levels on route from DC to Snowshoe, WV

We go the Snowshoe ski resort almost every weekend when there is snow. Driving there takes up to 5 hours. As long as you drive off the interstate you loose your cell signal.

Last year we had to learn how to drive and communicate in a disconnected world. We now know the route by heart, we know stops, we know which restaurants or gas stations have Wi-Fi. We also got some low-power FRS radios to have more flexibility during our trips.

Honestly, I was always wondering why T-Mobile was so bad in this area. This spring I switched to AT&T to compare the coverage on Outer Banks (where T-Mobile is also failing to get you even basic coverage). Now it`s winter and it’s time to check out AT&T coverage in our favorite skiing area.

Let’s see how we do that and what we find


Android-maps-utils bindings for Xamarin.Android apps

Bindings for android-maps-utils for Xamarin.Android apps

Many developers use Google Maps for Android (Google Play Services) to display maps and related content in Xamarin-based Android apps.

Javascript SDK for Google Maps has clustering and other neat stuff built in. Android Maps SDK has none of this included. However, there is a solution!