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Git pull, git push, git checkout branch, git delete local branch and so on.

Who knows all these git commands? What is git pull? What does your git push? How do you delete a local git branch but not the server one?

There a lots of git-based tools that are visual and clear. I used those tools too. Until I did not. Because they hide the meaning and behavior of git by presenting it differently.

This is why I would like to share my tips, tricks and ways of using git efficiently, without any dependency and no mess.

I’m launching a course about git and how to use git efficiently. You will learn how to use git, how to solve git challenges and help others.

You can pre-order the course here:

Get git educated and earn kudos by helping your team with git 💪!


C# Analyzers and Xamarin (Visual Studio for Mac)

The news of having C# compiler written in C# were crazy at first. Then everyone realized the power that comes with it. One of the great features that came with Roslyn compiler was support for analyzers.

Analyzers are like a plugins for C# compilers. Easy to write and thus really flexible to adjust to your specific situation.

It’s a powerful addition and there are hundreds of GREAT analyzers on GitHub already.

How do we use that greatness with Xamarin apps?