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C# Analyzers and Xamarin (Visual Studio for Mac)

The news of having C# compiler written in C# were crazy at first. Then everyone realized the power that comes with it. One of the great features that came with Roslyn compiler was support for analyzers.

Analyzers are like a plugins for C# compilers. Easy to write and thus really flexible to adjust to your specific situation.

It’s a powerful addition and there are hundreds of GREAT analyzers on GitHub already.

How do we use that greatness with Xamarin apps?


Easy way to create Xamarin.iOS binding from CocoaPods

Hey, Xamarin developers! Developing iOS apps quite often includes using native libraries and Xamarin for iOS supports this by creating bindings. This was 100% manual process until ObjectiveSharpie. After, ObjectiveSharpie began supporting CocoaPods (it is NuGet for iOS developers, so everything is in there). However, it doesn’t work in many cases (it can’t build something or reflect ObjectiveC code correctly).

Also, sharpie doesn’t support dependencies within pods. This is where the new objc-automatic started.

But first, let me show you a demo how easy it is to create Xamarin.iOS binding for cocoapod.