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Android-maps-utils bindings for Xamarin.Android apps

Bindings for android-maps-utils for Xamarin.Android apps

Many developers use Google Maps for Android (Google Play Services) to display maps and related content in Xamarin-based Android apps.

Javascript SDK for Google Maps has clustering and other neat stuff built in. Android Maps SDK has none of this included. However, there is a solution!


gMaps is again best navigation app for Windows Phone

I recently opened Store app on Lumia 925 and was surprised.
Turns out, after so many years, gMaps is still the best navigation app out there.

gMaps is top 1 free navigation application for Windows Phone 8.1! Yay!


gMaps Pro (paid version already including all features of gMaps) is top 2 paid navigation application for Windows Phone 8.1


Contributing to .NET Core from OS X

Imagine you forgot your Windows laptop and have only old Macbook and you are on .NET hackathon. What do you do there?

Well, you have number of options. What you probably dont know yet is that you can develop using .NET also on your Macbook (or your spouse).

My choice was to contribute to .NET Core which works on everything (have you read recent announcement from RedHat?)