Заказ такси 7788 для WP7

Добрый день! Представляем еще одно приложение – Заказ такси 7788. Приложение для быстрого и удобного заказа такси в Минске. Если Вы живете не в Минске, то это приложение не для Вас

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Flawless Google Latitude for Windows Phone is available in gMaps 1.15

Google latitude is working again and waiting for you! gMaps Pro v1.15 includes new features as well as various fixes and improvements. We’ve fixed critical issue with latitude authentication, so you can still use latitude on your #windowsphone What’s new in 1.15: 1. New live tile nearby alert. When somebody in Latitude is nearby (2km [...]

Phone Dialer Maintenance Update 1.5

Phone Dialer (link to the app) got maintenance update. What’s inside: 1. Bug fixes to all issues we found with great help of the users. 2. Option to clear history 3. Some effects added 4. Metro UI improvements, thank to the #metrolynch by @kichinsky 5. Updated icon Download app right now: